In the hallway leading from the courtroom area to the courtyard of the arches, the visitor passes a wall design consisting of nine symbols which represent nine different areas of the building. Each symbol is made from a building material found in the area depicted by the symbol. Above the design appears a quote from the Book of Leviticus, 19:36: “ Just balance, just weights, just ephah and a just hin shall you have.”

This symbol is made primarily of wood and represents the justices’
chambers on the top floor of the building.

This symbol represents the Maintenance Department of the building.

This symbol made of Jerusalem stone represents the three-tiered design of the
courtroom entrances and was inspired by the biblical motif of the gates of the
city where judges sat.

This symbol represents the Pyramid and the library area
and is made of oxidized copper, like the Pyramid itself.

This symbol represents the Courtyard of the Arches.

This symbol represents the cafeteria and its surrounding courtyard on the
lowest level of the building.

This symbol made of iron represents the detention area for prisoners who come
to the Supreme Court to hear their appeals. This area is under the authority
of the Prison Service.

This symbol represents the main entrance to
the building.